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Spring 2024 NewsletterSCOTUS Guidance About Social Media
Welcome Sarah Pfeffer!
Court Allows PRA Request for Calendar Entries
SCOTUS Considered Development Impact Fees
Winter 2024 NewsletterSupreme Court Grants Pre-Election Review of Taxpayer Protection Act
Welcome Sergio Ordaz and Julia Cohene!
2024 Housing Legislation – Continued Erosion of Local Control
Surplus Land Act Now (Expressly) Applies to Leases
Fall 2023
Finance Law Develops in the Legislature
How to Pass a Public Records Act Audit
SCOCA Adopts New, Nebulous Standard under
California Voting Rights Act
Summer 2023 NewsletterUpdate on Public Law
Development Impact Fees at Risk
Supreme Court Hears Voting Rights Act Case
AB 205 – Are Fixed Rates Right for Your Utility?
Spring 2023 NewsletterAnother Ominous Decision on
Impact Fees
Campaign Disclosures
Stadium Lighting
CEQA Case Erased
New Covid Workplace Rules
Winter 2022 NewsletterStormwater Mandates Decision Creates New Fee-Funding Authority
Congrats to Aleks Giragosian!
Punitive Preemption Bubbles Up in Soda Tax Case
New Campaign Donor Restrictions for Local Elected Officials
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Fall 2022 NewsletterNew Threats to Franchise Fees
Welcome Vernetra Gavin!
Clarification of Prop. 218's Assessment Requirements Proves Elusive
Legislature Restates Authority to Remove Disruptive People from Meetings
Summer 2022 NewsletterGarbage Fee Scofflaw's Failure to Protest Defeats Refund Claim
Congratulations Matt Summers! Welcome Class of 2022!
SB 9's Effect Not Clear as a Hundred Cities Adopt Ordinances
Preference for Farm Water Rates Loses in Court of Appeal
Spring 2022 NewsletterSCOCA Says Prop. 218 Exhaustion Not Required
CHW at 20 Years!
Mandated Military Equipment Policy for Police
Temporary Safe Harbor for Organic Recycling
Welcome Attorneys!
Fall 2021 NewsletterNew, Short Time to Challenge Water and Sewer Rates
Welcome, Merete Rietveld and Abby Mendez!
Continuing Challenge of Managing Homeless in Public Spaces
Form 700 a "Political Work," Complaint Subject to Anti-SLAPP Law
Spring 2021 NewsletterSCOCA Molds Public Finance Law
Organics Recycling is Coming - Is Your City Ready?
Historic Resources and Charter Cities' Home Rule Powers Bend to Housing Production
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Winter 2021 NewsletterCHW Grows!
Good News on Local Tax Authority
FAIR MAPS Redistricting Bootcamp
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Fall 2020 NewsletterHow Many Voters Does it Take to Pass a Special Tax?
We've Got Webinars!
Redistricting: 2021 Remapping Process is Upon Us
We're Blogging!
Win for Government on Cost to Relocate Utilities
Gary Bell and Ryan Reed Recognized
Summer 2020 NewsletterBusy Time for Revenue Case Law
More Time for Map Act Disputes
FCC Limits Local Control of Cell Towers
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July 2020 BulletinSupreme Court Rejects Procedural Innovation in Inverse Condemnation
CHW Has a Blog!
Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation
June 2020 BulletinSCOTUS May Revisit Qualified Immunity Defense to Civil Rights Claims
CH&W's Public Safety Liability Defense Practice
Spring 2020 NewsletterCOVID-19: Back to Work!
Stronger Cannabis Enforcement
Charter Cities and Statewide Elections
Money Fights: Utility Rates and Pensions
Winter 2020 Newsletter
What's Up with Prop. 13?
Welcome Andrew Jared and Chico
Snuffing Vaping?
California Water Wars' Latest Chapter
Fall 2019 Newsletter
No Local Public Funding of Political Campaigns
Colantuono Appointed to Appellate Advisory Committee
Sales Tax Law Develops in the Legislature
Local Agencies Will Soon Face New "Fair" Districting Restrictions
Police Records Webinars
August 2019 Bulletin
California Supreme Court Reduces Public Entity Liability for Public Utility Damage to Private Property
July 2019 Bulletin
Reinstating Retired Annuitants is Risky
Summer 2019 Newsletter
Local Governments Can Require State Agencies to Collect Taxes
CH&W in Leadership Roles
SCOTUS Allows Federal Litigation of Takings
Courts Clarify Brown Act Agenda Requirement
June 2019 Bulletin
Supreme Court Allows Prop. 218 Challenge Without Participation in Protest Hearing in Narrow Ruling
Spring 2019 Newsletter
Courts Advance Public Finance Law
CH&W Welcomes Senior Counsel: Carmen Brock and Levin
New Cannabis Delivery Rules Test Local Control
Brown Act Updates
Pension Reform at PERB
Winter 2019 Newsletter
Courts Take the Lead in Finance Law
Congratulations Gary Bell
Welcome Conor Harkins and Ryan Reed
No Need to Bargain Use of Force Policy
New State Mandate for Water Meter Shutoffs
Fall 2018 Newsletter
Prop. 218 Does Not Expand Mandate Reimbursement
Colantuono Completes Bar Service
Broad Reimbursement for Electronic Records Under the Public Records Act
No Initiative Development Agreements
August 2018 Bulletin
California Supreme Court Upholds General Fund Transfer from Power Utility
Summer 2018 Newsletter
Major Developments Regarding Local Taxing Powers
Social Media Blockers Beware!
Court Applies Age Discrimination Statute to the Fire Service
Election Law - We Can Help!
May 2018 Bulletin
Supreme Court Upholds Regulatory Fee Under Prop. 26
Spring 2018 Newsletter
City Councils Control Election Timing for Initiatives
Business Roundtable Proposal Drastically Cuts Local Revenue Authority
Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies Still Required in Employment Cases
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Winter 2018 Newsletter
Water Rate Case Good News for Rate-Makers
New Ballot Language for Local Agency Measures
Inclusionary Rental Housing Ordinances are Back
CHW Welcomes Four!
December 2017 Bulletin
Prop. 26 May Require Less of Rate-Makers Than Previously Thought
Fall 2017 Newsletter
California Constitution Prohibits Promises Not to Tax
Legal Bills Remain Protected Under PRA
Charter Cities and State Elections
Court Overturns Malibu Growth-Control Initiative
August 2017 Bulletin
Upland Marijuana Tax Decision Causes Furor
June 2017 Bulletin

California Supreme Court Upholds Franchise Fees
Spring 2017 Newsletter

Courts Widen Local Revenue Powers
Dope Control!
Initiative Cross-References Have Limits
Electronic Records After San Jose
Winter 2017 Newsletter
Online Resellers of Hotel Rooms Win Bed Tax Fight
Parking Ticket Contest Hearing Procedures
Verify Connections Before Making Sewer Refunds
Light Duty to Accommodate Disability
Fall 2016 NewsletterCourt Upholds Infill Mello-Roos District
We've Moved Our Southern California Office
Cell Tower Aesthetics
Court Limits Duty to Use Two Lawyers in Administrative Decisions
Summer 2016 NewsletterCourts Making Revenue Law
Welcome, Laura Zagarolai
Council Votes Protected by Anti-SLAPP Statute
No Religious Defense to Marijuana Laws
Spring 2016 Newsletter400 New Water Rate-making Agencies!
Cobden & Dunn: Rising Stars
MMBA Factfinding Applies to All Bargaining
One Person, One Vote; Not One Voter, One Vote
Winter 2016 NewsletterNew Rate-Making Cases Proliferate
Welcome, John Davidson
Court Limits Reach of Taxpayer Claims
Where You Live Counts, Provisionally Speaking

Fall 2015 NewsletterCourt Orders $10.5m Fee Refund
Welcome, Gary Bell
City's At-Large Elections Okayed
Act Now on Pre-Paid Cell Phone Taxes
Spring 2015 NewsletterDrought Rules Affect All Local Governments
Housing Element State Addresses Mixed Use
Welcome, Megan Knize and Nina Park!
Water Rates Case Scrambles Drought Management

Winter 2015: NewsletterLooking Below the Surface
Tax & Fee Class Actions on the Rise
Welcome, Pamela Graham!
Groundwater Law Allows New Fees
Fall 2014: NewsletterCity Can Control Cell Tower Aesthetics
Police Office Records: Brady and Pitchess Collide
CH&W Welcomes Charlie LaPlante
Fee Litigation on the Upswing

Summer 2014: NewsletterState Voting Rights Act Bars At-Large Elections
Be Careful What You Pray For!
Michael Colantuono Elected Bar Treasurer
Legislature has Full Plate of Revenue Measures
Spring 2014: NewsletterSisyphus Seeks a Receiver
Who’s Argument is this, Anyway?
Supreme Docket of Tax and Fee Cases
Winter 2014:
Lobbying LAFCO: Follow the Money
Supreme Court takes Eminent Domain Case
C&L Welcomes Jenni Pancake
Active Year Ahead for Public Finance Litigation
Fall 2013:
Free Speech on Private Property: Location, Location, Location
Initiative Analysis Must Be Impartial, Not Exhaustive
C&L Welcomes Len Aslanian
Court of Appeal Provides Rate-Making Guidance
Spring 2013:
Class Action Challenges to Local Revenues Allowed
Sludge Disposal a Regional Affair
Are Union Leaders More Equal?
Winter 2013:
Supreme Court to Clear Medi-Pot Haze
Validation of Billboard Ordinance Invalid
What’s Up for Municipal Finance in 2013?
November 2012:
Cities Win PTAF Dispute with Counties
October 2012:
Prop. 218 Does Not Apply to Annexations
Fall 2012:Legislative DUC Walk Continues
Pension Reform Becomes Law
Supreme Court Attends to Local Revenue Matters
July 2012:
Santa Cruz Wins First Proposition 26 Case
Spring 2012: Ballot Labels: A Rose By Any Name?
Planning Disadvantaged Communities
Off the Island!
All’s Fair in Taxes and Assessments?
Winter 2012: Governor Brown Proposes Pension Reform
Planning Mandate for Disadvantaged Islands
Zoning Dispute Hits the Spot
What’s Up with Public Finance?


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