Significant Appellate Representations
Matthew T. Summers

(as of April 2020)

California Supreme Court

City of Pasadena v. Superior Court (Mercury Casualty Co.) (2014) 228 Cal.App.4th 1228 (unsuccessful petition for review) (inverse condemnation liability for fallen tree)

Court of Appeal for Third Appellate District

City of Bellflower, et al. v. Cohen, et al. (2016) 245 Cal.App.4th 438 (successful challenge to State self-help provisions of A.B. 1484 [post-redevelopment legislation] under Proposition 22’s protection of local government revenues)

City of Chula Vista, et al. v. Sandoval (pending), Case No. C080711 (argued Mar. 2020; defense of successful trial court challenge to County’s calculation of redevelopment property tax trust fund distributions to cities and other taxing entities)

City of Fountain Valley v. Cohen, et al. (unpublished) Case No. C081661 (representation of another taxing agency in Successor Agency’s unsuccessful appeal of post-RDA dispute with Department of Finance)

City of Grass Valley v. Cohen, et al. (2017), 17 Cal.App.5th 567 (RDA contract with County Transportation Commission to fund freeway interchange a recognized obligation of former RDA)

City of Lakewood v. Cohen, et al. (unpublished) Case No. C078788 (appeal of post-redevelopment dispute with Department of Finance)

City of Paramount v. Cohen, et al. (settled on appeal) Case No. C078968 (defense of trial court victory in post-redevelopment dispute regarding enforceable obligation to maintain project funding to third party)City of Tulare v. Yee, et al. (settled on appeal) Case No. C078718 (appeal of post-redevelopment dispute regarding State Controller’s order to disgorge payments from former RDA to sponsoring city)