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Finance and Rate-Making

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Testimony Regarding Air BnB Policy IssuesMarch 2015
Local Government Fees: Prop. 26 & Other TopicsApril 2014
Update on Law of Public RevenuesApril 2014
Update on Law of Public RevenuesFebruary 2014
History of Props. 13, 218, and 26April 2013
Rate-Making Under Props. 218 & 26October 2012
Proposition 218 & AssessmentsJune 2012
Historical Overview of Props. 13, 218 and 26March 2012
Proposition 26: New Limitations on Government FeesOctober 2011
Overview of Prop. 26 (Slides)October 2011
Court of Appeal Questions Service AssessmentsAugust 2011
Current Developments Under Proposition 218 Silicon Valley, Assessments, Utility Fees, and More September 2010
Prop. 26: New Supermajority Requirements for Regulatory FeesJuly 2010