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Winter 2017 Newsletter
Online Resellers of Hotel Rooms Win Bed Tax Fight
Parking Ticket Contest Hearing Procedures
Verify Connections Before Making Sewer Refunds
Light Duty to Accommodate Disability
Fall 2016 NewsletterCourt Upholds Infill Mello-Roos District
We've Moved Our Southern California Office
Cell Tower Aesthetics
Court Limits Duty to Use Two Lawyers in Administrative Decisions
Summer 2016 NewsletterCourts Making Revenue Law
Welcome, Laura Zagarolai
Council Votes Protected by Anti-SLAPP Statute
No Religious Defense to Marijuana Laws
Spring 2016 Newsletter400 New Water Rate-making Agencies!
Cobden & Dunn: Rising Stars
MMBA Factfinding Applies to All Bargaining
One Person, One Vote; Not One Voter, One Vote
Winter 2016 NewsletterNew Rate-Making Cases Proliferate
Welcome, John Davidson
Court Limits Reach of Taxpayer Claims
Where You Live Counts, Provisionally Speaking

Fall 2015 NewsletterCourt Orders $10.5m Fee Refund
Welcome, Gary Bell
City's At-Large Elections Okayed
Act Now on Pre-Paid Cell Phone Taxes
Spring 2015 NewsletterDrought Rules Affect All Local Governments
Housing Element State Addresses Mixed Use
Welcome, Megan Knize and Nina Park!
Water Rates Case Scrambles Drought Management

Winter 2015: NewsletterLooking Below the Surface
Tax & Fee Class Actions on the Rise
Welcome, Pamela Graham!
Groundwater Law Allows New Fees
Fall 2014: NewsletterCity Can Control Cell Tower Aesthetics
Police Office Records: Brady and Pitchess Collide
CH&W Welcomes Charlie LaPlante
Fee Litigation on the Upswing

Summer 2014: NewsletterState Voting Rights Act Bars At-Large Elections
Be Careful What You Pray For!
Michael Colantuono Elected Bar Treasurer
Legislature has Full Plate of Revenue Measures
Spring 2014: NewsletterSisyphus Seeks a Receiver
Who’s Argument is this, Anyway?
Supreme Docket of Tax and Fee Cases
Winter 2014:
Lobbying LAFCO: Follow the Money
Supreme Court takes Eminent Domain Case
C&L Welcomes Jenni Pancake
Active Year Ahead for Public Finance Litigation
Fall 2013:
Free Speech on Private Property: Location, Location, Location
Initiative Analysis Must Be Impartial, Not Exhaustive
C&L Welcomes Len Aslanian
Court of Appeal Provides Rate-Making Guidance
Spring 2013:
Class Action Challenges to Local Revenues Allowed
Sludge Disposal a Regional Affair
Are Union Leaders More Equal?
Winter 2013:
Supreme Court to Clear Medi-Pot Haze
Validation of Billboard Ordinance Invalid
What’s Up for Municipal Finance in 2013?
November 2012:
Cities Win PTAF Dispute with Counties
October 2012:
Prop. 218 Does Not Apply to Annexations
Fall 2012:Legislative DUC Walk Continues
Pension Reform Becomes Law
Supreme Court Attends to Local Revenue Matters
July 2012:
Santa Cruz Wins First Proposition 26 Case
Spring 2012: Ballot Labels: A Rose By Any Name?
Planning Disadvantaged Communities
Off the Island!
All’s Fair in Taxes and Assessments?
Winter 2012: Governor Brown Proposes Pension Reform
Planning Mandate for Disadvantaged Islands
Zoning Dispute Hits the Spot
What’s Up with Public Finance?
Fall 2011:Federally Recognized Tribes Can Join JPAs
Code Enforcement & the 4th Amendment
Welcome Grass Valley and Calaveras LAFCo!
Public Finance Tied Up in Court
September 2011:
Courts Clarify Prop. 218 Requirements
Summer 2011:Cutting Class: Preventing Class Refund Claims
Good Cause Saves Late Appeal
A Bubble Not Quite Burst
Court Douses Fire Assessment
Spring 2011: When Trees are Malicious Is it business, or is it personal?
C&L Welcomes Michael R. Cobden
Groundwater Management Fee or Pump Tax?
Winter 2011:City Can Require Departing Officer to Pay for Training
Constitution Allows Appointments by Appointees
Oakland Parcel Tax Win Makes Good Law
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November 2010:
Prop. 26 is Latest Limit on Local Revenues
September 2010:
Labor Bulletin
Court Rejects Cop’s Retaliation Claim
Summer 2010:Court Upholds Day Laborer Solicitation Ban
Courts Won’t Police Council Politics
Prop. 26 Threatens Local Fee Revenues
August 2010:Labor & Employment Bulletin
Employee Must Initiate Disability Discussions
June 2010:
Supreme Court Upholds Flood Control Fee
June 2010:Labor & Employment Bulletin
Employment Discrimination Case Update
Spring 2010:Court Parks Challenge to Bed Tax
Campaign Finance Rules Upended
CEQA Authorities Clear the Air
April 2010:Labor & Employment Bulletin
9th Circuit Rules On "Donning and Doffing"
March 2010:Labor & Employment Bulletin
Violations of Family Leave Can be Costly
March 2010:Labor & Employment Bulletin
Commute Time May Be Compensable
Winter 2010: Courts Tax Finance Case ProceduresCourts Protect Voter and Campaign Privacy
Corporations and Unions Gain 1st Amendment Rights
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Fall 2009:Cell Tower Aesthetics Fair Game
Annexation Policy Triggers Civil Rights Liability
Appellate Courts Ponder Tax and Fee Issues
Summer 2009:Prop. 218 Changes Avoid "T" Word
Sea Change in Campaign Finance Law in the Offing?
Court Changes Mind on Tax Class Actions
Spring 2009: Education on Initiatives Upheld
LAFCOs May Contract for Executive Officer Services
Assessment Procedures in the Supreme Court
Winter 2009:Court Limits Pitchess Discovery
Rules Change for Child Abuse Reports
Finance Law Tied Up in Court
Fall 2008:Double Standard for Single Subjects?
LAFCOs Now Regulate CSAs
Legislature Gets Specific About Utility Rates
July 2008: BulletinSupreme Court Strikes Down Open-Space
Assessment Under Proposition 218
Spring 2008:Deliberative Process Privilege Survives Prop. 59
Court Turns Page on Pre-Employment Drug Tests
Supreme Court Clarifies Claiming Requirements
Telephone Tax and 911 Fee Fights Continue
Winter 2008:New Brown Act Rule Sets the Agenda
Court Clarifies Rules for Election Petitions
Court Upholds Open Space District Annexation
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Fall 2007:Phone Taxes: When Communication Breaks DownCaution Advised on Honorary Badges
Supreme Court to Hear Fee and Assessment Cases
Fall 2006:Election Rule Lost in Translation
Taking Some Gray out of the Brown Act
Utility Users Taxes Threatened
July 2006: Bulletin California Supreme Court Declares Metered Utility Rates Subject to Proposition 218
Summer 2006:Water Charges Rate Supreme Court Review9th Circuit Reconsiders Multi-Lingual Election Petitions
Prevailing Wages or Not?
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Fall 2005:CEQA Suits Are a Matter Of Record
Kelo Eminent Domain Decision May Affect California After All
Open Space Assessment Upheld
Spring 2005:Approval of New Revenues May be Less Taxing
Employee Salary Data Subject to Disclosure Under Public Records Act
Legislature to Mandate Ethics Training For Local Government Officials
Winter 2005: Attorneys Fees Writ LargeAppellate Cases Are Focus of Finance Law Developments
U.S. Supreme Court To Consider Constitutionality of RLUIPA
Fall 2004:Supreme Court Water Rates Decision on Tap for 2005
Amendments to Housing Element Law Mandate Denser, Affordable Housing
Access to Government Information Now a Constitutional Right
August 2004: Labor Bulletin Recent Cases Highlight Good Practices in Discrimination and Harassment Investigations
Summer 2004:U.S. Targets Local Control of Concealed Weapons Permits for Peace Officers
Endangered Species Act Requires Protection of Critical Habitat
Proposition 218 Fights Focus on Water Rates
Spring 2004:Court Takes Aim at Definition of "Project" Under CEQA
Four New Public Finance Cases
Court Clarifies Requirements For Variance Findings
Winter 2004:Local Government Wins Prop. 218 Fee Case:
Richmond v. Shasta CSD
Court Discriminates Against Charter City Remedies: Schifando v. City of Los Angeles
Fall 2003:Local Government in a Bind over Arbitration Bill
Housing Bills Further Erode Local Land Use Control
California Supreme Court to Hear Prop. 218 Case
Summer 2003:Legislature Provides Rear Guard for Citizen Soldiers
Ninth Circuit Retrenches on Trench Cut Fees
Another Adverse Property Tax Decision from Orange County
Spring 2003:Open Space Assessments are an Open Question
US Supreme Court Upholds Referendum on Affordable Housing Project
State Supreme Court Holds Local Agency Liable for Dangerous Condition of Adjacent Property
Winter 2003:Legislature Redoubles its Commitment to Second Units
Administrative Decisions That Lack Detailed Basis for Credibility Findings Risk Reversal
Update on Municipal Finance: New Case Threatens Property Tax Revenues
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Summer 2002: Storm Water Fee Washes Out in Court of Appeal
U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Tahoe Development Moratorium
Haas: California Supreme Court Changes Rules for Administrative Hearing Officers