Concerned Citizens for Responsible Gvnt v. West Point Fire District

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Concerned Citizens for Responsible Government v.
West Point Fire Protection District

Third District Court of Appeal Case No. C061110
Denial of PublicationDecember 2012
West Point FPD's Reply to Amicus BriefsMarch 2012
HJTA Amicus BriefFebruary 2012
Local Government Amicus Brief February 2012
Jack Cohen Amicus Brief February 2012
Reply Brief January 2012
Respondents’ Brief December 2011
West Point FPD’s Opening BriefNovember 2011
HJTA Opposition to Petition for ReviewAugust 2011
Petition for ReviewAugust 2011
Depublication Request of California Downtown AssnAugust 2011
Opposition to Depublication of Jack CohenAugust 2011
Local Govt. Assns Request for DepublicationAugust 2011
HJTA’s Opposition to Request for DepublicationAugust 2011
Mosquito & Vector Control Ass’n Request for DepublicationJuly 2011